Cultural Scholarships

What type of scholarships should I look for?

There are multiple scholarship opportunities available for those seeking to better educate themselves.  A large variety of students who come from minority backgrounds depend on scholarships to help cover their college tuition.

Keep your eyes peeled for merit-based scholarships that are offered to anyone, regardless of financial background, providing that the student has a desired talent. There are also sports scholarships that fall under this umbrella. Need-based scholarships commonly require an applicant to prove an economic need as well as academic prowess. Here we plan to provide some links to scholarships you might not be aware of.

Google African American Scholarships

Application Deadline Feb to May

Award Amount up to $10,000.

This scholarship for blacks is for students majoring in computer engineering, computer science, or software engineering at a 2 or 4 year college. Graduate or undergraduate degree. GPA 2.5 or better. For more information and to apply online see Google United Negro College Fund Scholarship website

Gates Millennium Scholarship

Application Deadline January each year

Award Amount full scholarship – tuition, fees and living expenses after other sources of aid

These scholarships for African Americans with GPA 3.3 or higher, and will enroll first time as a student at a college or university. Must meet the Pell Grant eligibility, and demonstrate leadership skills. Requires student application, educator’s evaluation, and community service/leadership recommendation. Gates Millennium Scholarship

National Achievement Scholarships for Blacks

Application Deadline fall each year (PSAT test) for high school juniors planning to attend college after high school.

Award Amount $2500

These scholarships are part of the National Merit Scholarship programs. The process starts with the PSAT test in the fall of the junior year of high school. Semi-finalists are notified the following spring, and finalists, who are eligible for $2500 one-time scholarships for black college students, are notified in February. See additional requirements for National Achievement Scholarships for Blacks at

Jack and Jill African American Scholarships

Application Deadline March each year

Award Amount $1500 – $2500

These scholarships for African Americans women and men are offered to high school seniors planning to attend a 4 year college full time, in any state. Must have a GPA 3.0 or better. Funds may be used for tuition or board, Dependents of member of Jack and Jill are not eligible. For detailed Scholarships from Jack and Jill requirements see

United Negro College Funds Scholarships for Blacks

Application Deadline varies

Award Amount varies

These African Americans scholarships, including scholarships for black women, are administered by the United Negro College Fund. They offer a great list of scholarships, that support more than 65,000 black college students at more than 900 colleges and universities in the U.S. You can search their lists of scholarships, or check the ones with approaching deadlines, which is a nice feature. See the African American Scholarships from UNCF on their website at

Solar Scholarship

Award Amount $1000

Solar Action Alliance is a group of environmentalists who want to spread the word about the most clean, reliable, and abundant source of renewable energy: the sun.To further spread the solar message and give back to the community, Solar Action Alliance created a $1000 Solar Scholarship. All scholarship details can be found here:

List of Scholarships for African Americans 2016

Application Deadline varies

Award Amount varies

These scholarships for Blacks, including scholarships for African American women, are administered by the Sallie Mae fund. They have a scholarship search engine with over 300 scholarships that can be searched by GPA requirements, academic and career interest, and application deadline, which is very important. See the Sallie Mae Fund List of Scholarships for African Americans at their website

More Grants and Scholarships for College

Check out these other grants, scholarships and tuition assistance opportunities for college.

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