Media Smart and the Big Production
Is a collaborating Initiative of the Urban Youth Growers.

What is the Urban Youth Growers program?

Potato Logo RealThe Urban Youth Market Growers is a program of Eighth Day Farm designed to empower urban youth in the City of Holland while filling a gap at our local farmers market by providing produce common to the cuisines of our community’s ethnic minorities.

The program employees four teenagers at an urban farm off 29th Street and Pine Avenue. The employees do farm work out doors and engage in an educational curriculum focused on social justice, personal development, and growing food. A willingness to share in discussions and to get dirty in the garden are the necessary pre-requisites for all potential candidates. Plan to be challenged, and to further valuable life skills of integrity, analytical thinking, motivation, cooperation and creativity. Selected applicants will learn to cook tasty meals that are healthy, sell to customers at the farmer’s market, and better understand the systems that shape our lives.

Employees will work an average of 24 hours a week, including some Saturdays. Orientation is June 13th. The first day of work is June 14th. The weekly schedule continues through Friday, August 19th, but opportunities to work on Saturdays will continue through October 1st. Attendance and arriving on time are important. The pay is $9/hour.

Please submit application if you are interested in this program. Make sure that you also submit GRAECI Application. This form can be found here.