The Tulip Time Parade & Governor Luncheon

We would like to thank Elhart for Sponsoring AAADO Juneteenth Royal Court.

Thdealer-logoe African American Awareness and Development Organization Juneteenth Queen Makayla Coleman and Runner Up Tayari Lipscomb had the opportunity to attend the VolksParade and Muziekparade. They were accompanied by former Juneteenth Royal Court Tamiera Brown.

The Juneteenth Royal Court is required to participate in Community Service Project and participate in leadership roles throughout the Community. The Court was invited to participate in the Tulip Time Governor’s Luncheon. They opened the Governor’s Luncheon with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Juneteenth Royal Court got to talk and take a photo with Governor Rick Synder. The Court also met the City of Holland Mayor Nancy Deboer.

One of the Juneteenth Festival and Health Fair Sponsor “Philanthropist Jim Brooks” was in attendance and he got to meet both young ladies before their performance.